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Last lazy weekend I had my warm meal at SoloMen cafe at Ss2 with my kids. The Cozy environment can let you just chilled for the whole afternoon. We enjoying our heartwarming Japanese food and coffee there. I personally like the warm welcome by their staff. :) The quality and freshness are their motto. Hence, ramen, sauces, broth, fillings and gyoza skin are totally handmade from fresh ingredients. SOLOMEN CAFÉ serves freshly handmade ramen that comes in varieties of soup base which is flavoured with vegetables and pork bones cooked at light simmer over long period of time.SOLOMEN CAFÉ also serves top quality of coffee and varieties of beverages.
Homemade Ramen. Services: Ramen, Donburi, Coffee, Dessert.About
SOLOMEN’ are the combination of word ‘SOLO’ & ‘MEN’, which means freelancers and customers who are ramen lovers. They have, in utmost effort, designed the lighting and audio system to create a comfortable, cozy and condusive working ambience. They have also installed universal…

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